Costume & Corset Care

We recommend all of our costumes and corsets to be dry cleaned only as we will not accept liability for damage during laundering. You will be unable to return your items for exchange or alteration if you have washed or laundered them. Although the majority of our fabrics can be washed on a cool wash, we not not endorse full machine washing of any garment sold to the general public. Trade customers will be advised which costumes can be laundered at the time of purchase.

After each wearing, air your fancy dress costume or corset by hanging it over a door or chair back. Use a lightly damp cloth to clean the lining or surface of the costume which will keep the outfit fresh and reduce the need for professional dry cleaning.


Never let anyone but YOU wear your corset. Your corset will take your shape and follow your form and allowing other people to wear your corset causes undue stress to the boning and fabric. Never attempt to remove the corset without loosening the ribbon lacing. To do so may break the busk and damage the fastening hardware.

Lacing your Corset or Basque

corset care
  1. Start lacing from the top of the corset
  2. Create loops in the ribbon halfway down and continue to the bottom of the corset
  3. Knot the ends of ribbon to stop ribbon being pulled from the bottom eyelets
  4. Loosen ribbon sufficiently to put the corset on and fasten the front busk
  5. Tighten lacing using loops at the centre taking up slack from above and below loops
  6. Tie off excess in centre using a bow (do not tie excess around the waist before tying off as this can cause damage to the fabric)

Fancy Dress Costumes

Your outfit may only be required once a year such as Halloween fancy dress, Easter fancy dress, Christmas fancy dress or even Hen Night fancy dress so it’s important to ensure that you store your fancy dress costume in the appropriate place away from direct sunlight or damp. In our packaging, we enclose a dress protector that you should retain and put over your outfit once you have worn this to protect it for the next time it is needed. Our protectors will also keep your fancy dress costume clean so that it’s in perfect condition the next time it is needed – remember, look after your costume and it will look after you.